10 Years of Freedom

“Your book is remarkable. 10 Years of Freedom, I urge everyone to read it.”
– Piers Morgan, ITV

“It’s a very powerful read.”
– Huw Edwards, BBC

“Very brave.”
– Emma Barnett, BBC

In her new book “10 Years of Freedom”, Natascha Kampusch tells her readership about the impact of a nightmarish captivity and sheer turbulent times afterwards: about the deep and never ending trauma, her first days in freedom (when she was locked up again with police officers and doctors), a very controversial media coverage (highly speculative diagnoses, theories regarding the Stockholm syndrome or role swapping, naming like “the cellar girl” and “sex slave”), wild conspiracy theories (trials, review boards, police and FBI investigations), several charity projects (a journey to the island of Sri Lanka to build a children’s ward and the supporting PET, an organisation for animal rights) and as well some amusing details of her everyday life (regarding her work, hobbies, family and friends). Telling her story will not definitely change the past but it may help other people to find some sort of inspiration in their lives.

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